The Mini-Lab is a complete system for building and testing prototype analog and digital circuits.

The popular Mini-Lab is in use throughout the world in hundreds of colleges, universities, tech schools and R&D labs--and for good reason--it is an exceptional piece of equipment at an amazing price!

When purchased in kit form, the easy to follow assembly manual permits the student to learn proper assembly techniques and in about 16 hours have a professional piece of test equipment for immediate and future use.

  8 unbuffered outputs
  0 Volts or +5 Volts

        INDICATORS           8 buffered LEDs;
          CMOS and
          TTL compatible

Two Digital pulsers TTL buffered and debounced
with complementary outputs
Square, sine or triangle wave; 0 to 20 Vpp output amplitude, 500 Ohm output impedance, short circuit protected; Continously variable frequency from 1Hz to 100 KHz in five decade ranges; DC offset adjustable 0 to +/-10V.

Open collector, user selectable pull-up configurations; internal or external; rise and fall time 300 nanoseconds; maximum output current 40mA; frequency determined by function generator.

Fixed +5 Volts (±0.2V) 1.5 Amps
±12Volts (±0.6V)1.5 Amps
Variable 0 to ± 18 Volts 1.5 Amps
0.2% Line regulation all supplies.
0.2% Load regulation all supplies.
Short circuit and thermal protected.
AC source: 30 Volt CT

     Color coded matrix
     Over 1600 tie points
     Velcro attached
1K and 100K Ohm undedicated for prototyping

Model ML-200K Kit $155.00 addcart.gif
Model ML-200A Assembled $225.00 addcart.gif
Available in Heavy Duty C3 Case

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